Did you know that souping is the new juicing?
Don't let another cycle pass you by...take the FREE 3 day Fertility Souping Challenge and supercharge your fertility naturally!

Grab your partner and let's get souping!

Souping is the new juicing.  Yes you heard me right!

Although I personally love juicing - it's a quick way to get all those wonderful nutrients - it can also spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling DIZZY, WEAK and HUNGRY! 

While souping keeps your blood sugar stable and your hungry pains in check.  It also can help reduce stress levels, give you higher energy, improve your digestive system, and help aid your body's natural ability to remove toxins!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine warming foods are especially powerful for fertility since a warm uterus is more enticing to fertilize an egg.


What will I eat?

During the 3 day cleanse you'll enjoy easy, delicious chef prepared soups!  I've also included some breakfast and snack recipes too!  So you won't be hungry.  You'll enjoy soup for lunch and dinner!

Why is souping good for my fertility?

Eating a warm diet of soups help to keep the uterus warm which in turn helps the egg fertilize with the sperm.  Also all of the recipes are free from the top allergens which may be causing inflammation in your body and impeding your ability to get pregnant. When inflammation decreases your hormones begin to reset.

How often should I do it?

You should cleanse seasonally (4 times per year) so that you body can tune into the change in weather!

Is 3 days really enough to help my fertility?

Yes!  However a 3 day Souping Fertility Challenge is really only dipping your toe in the water!  It's an awesome beginning to looking at your infertility in a different light, BUT its only the start!  If you have been eating the standard western diet for many years, (like I was - I struggled with infertility too!) your health is suffering. Infertility is on the rise and affects more than 1 in 8 Americans and 1 in 6 Canadians.  It's also a BIG business and Fertility Clinics are making huge money, while NOT addressing the root cause of the infertility.  Unless your doctor has been trained in Functional Medicine they will simply not know how HUGE diet, lifestyle and nutritional therapies are for healing the body and preparing for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

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